Applying for Membership of the Drapers’ Company
All men and women admitted to the Freedom are known as Freemen.  Freedom of the Company may be achieved by one of the methods described below:

By Patrimony
Open to any person, aged 21 or over, who has a parent who at the date of the applicant’s birth was a Freeman of the Company OR has been lawfully adopted by a person who at the date of adoption was a Freeman of the Company; provided the applicant is a fit and proper person. 
A fee of £125 plus VAT is payable.

By Redemption (Patrimonial):
This category applies to:
(a) children of Freemen not eligible for admission by Patrimony; and
(b) grandchildren of Freemen not eligible for admission by Patrimony.
A Fee of £125 and a Fine of £250, plus VAT, are levied.

By Redemption:
This form of admission is a very restricted category: it enables men and women over 21, with no immediate family connection with the Company, to apply for membership.  Applications are considered each autumn and should therefore be submitted by 31 July.
The current policy of the Company is that candidates should normally be between the ages of 30-50, have personal qualities of integrity, tolerance, judgment and camaraderie and be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:
(a) success in their chosen profession or career;
(b) experience or expertise relevant to the Company’s activities;
(c) existing or previous involvement in public or charitable service;
(d) a desire and capacity to devote time to the activities of the Company or the City Corporation.
Only in exceptional circumstances will members of other Livery Companies be considered.
A Fee of £125 and a Fine of £300, plus VAT, is payable.

By Redemption (Presentation):
On the recommendation of the Court of Wardens, men or women who have rendered particular service to the Company are admitted to the Freedom of the Company by Redemption (Presentation), without payment of any Fine or Fee. Persons who have rendered outstanding public service may also be recognised in this way, honoris causa.
The Freedom of the Company entitles a Freeman (male or female) to apply for the Freedom of the City of London.

All enquiries concerning admissions to the Freedom should be addressed to the Archivist.

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