Educational bodies supported by the Company
Supporting education has been one of the primary aims of The Drapers’ Company for centuries and continues to be the main focus of the Company’s grant making today. Historic links with a number of educational establishments have been maintained and the Company continues to assist schools, colleges and universities in many ways, from serving on the governing body to providing grants for scholarships, prizes and research.
Drapers' Academy
Drapers’ Academy is a co-educational school for 11 – 18 year olds at the heart of the Harold Hill community in Havering. With Queen Mary University of London as co-sponsor, the Drapers’ Company opened Drapers’ Academy in September 2010 and pupils moved into the new award-winning buildings in September 2012. There are currently some 900 pupils at the school including a recently established Sixth Form. The Academy aims to deliver academic success and to provide opportunities for its students to become positive citizens with the necessary skills and qualities to pursue a career to which they aspire.
An endowment fund established by the Drapers’ Company is used to provide support for a range of musical, sporting, cultural and academic extra-curricular activities at the Academy. The Company provides four Governors, including the Chairman, to the Academy’s local governing body.
The Academy is part of the Drapers’ Multi Academy Trust which aims to deliver a first class education to all the educational institutions that become a part of the trust and create opportunity for all pupils to succeed. The Company nominates five Directors to the MAT. Other schools within the MAT include Drapers’ Brookside Infant and Junior Schools, Drapers’ Maylands Primary School and Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School.

Drapers’ Brookside Junior School 
Part of the Drapers’ Multi Academy Trust, the school caters for boys and girls of mixed ability between the ages of 7 and 11. It is a feeder primary school for Drapers’ Academy. The Company took control over the school in July 2014 and provides four Governors, including the Chairman, to the School’s local governing body. 
Through the Drapers’ Charitable Fund the Company provides significant financial support towards extra-curricular activities and equipment in order to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of pupils.
Drapers' Maylands Primary School
This primary school became part of the MAT and was opened to Reception year pupils in September 2015. New buildings for the school are to be built in the shadow of Drapers’ Academy. The Company nominates four Governors.

Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School
Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School joined the MAT in September 2016 and is a Nursery and Primary School catering for children from age 5 – 11 years. It is situated opposite Drapers’ Academy. The Company provides three Governors, including Chairman, to the School’s local governing body.

Bancroft’s School 
Built in Woodford Green, Essex in 1884, Bancroft’s is today a co-educational school with 1,000 pupils aged 7-18 and a purpose-built Preparatory School. The School provides academic excellence and a wide variety of extracurricular activities for its pupils.
Until 1998, the Drapers’ Company was responsible for administering the School but, in that year, passed the day-to-day running of the School to a newly-formed Charitable Company “Bancroft’s School”. Much of the original endowment remains in the Francis Bancroft’s Trust with the Drapers’ Company as Trustee. The income from this Trust is passed to the School for the benefit of the pupils.
The Company maintains its close association with the School and, through the Drapers’ Charitable Fund, makes a substantial annual grant which supports seven Drapers’ Scholarships, a new scholarship being awarded to the best student entering the School each year. In addition, six annual travelling awards provide Sixth Form pupils leaving the School with the opportunity to experience travel overseas whilst participating in a voluntary, academic or sporting activity.
The Master of the Drapers’ Company is the School’s President and the Company appoints five Governors, including the Chairman of Governors.
Queen Mary, University of London
The College’s origins date back to 1887 when the technical schools, with the help of a gift of £20,000 from the Drapers’ Company, were built on the College’s present site in the Mile End Road, as part of the People’s Palace. 
The College was admitted as a School of the University of London in 1907. In 1934 it received a Royal Charter at the hands of Queen Mary, who became the first Honorary Fellow of the newly-titled Queen Mary College. Since that date the College has expanded considerably in terms of buildings and student members. During the 1980s Westfield College merged with the College and early in the 1990s the pre-clinical departments of the London Hospital Medical College and St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College moved to the College as its Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences in a new building. On the enactment of the Queen Mary and Westfield College Act 1995, the three colleges merged into a single institution. Queen Mary, as it has been known since 2001, is the 4th largest college of the University of London. 
The Drapers’ Charitable Fund makes a substantial annual grant to the College to recognize excellence and achievement by students, staff and support staff.  In particular, the Fund provides prizes for undergraduate and postgraduate students, support for a research studentship and medical students taking intercalated degrees, grants for teaching and learning innovations, and offers small hardship grants for undergraduates who would otherwise not be able to attend university.
Howell’s School, Llandaff
The School, in South Wales, was built in 1859 together with Howell’s School, Denbigh in North Wales to educate girls using funds accumulated by the Thomas Howell’s Trust for which the Drapers’ Company has acted as trustee since the 16th century. The School was originally administered by the Company, then by Glamorgan County Council until 1962 when responsibility for running the School was passed to the Girls’ Day School Trust. 

Howell’s School, Llandaff now educates girls aged 3-18 with a co-educational Sixth Form College. The School, which has a well-deserved reputation for academic excellence, places great emphasis on pastoral care and encourages its pupils to excel in any area in which they show interest or talent through the provision of an extensive programme of extracurricular activities.
The Company continues to pay income from Thomas Howell’s Trust to the School for the benefit of pupils and the upkeep of its facilities. In addition, three annual leaving prizes are awarded from The Drapers’ Charitable Fund and a grant towards a student hardship fund to enable pupils who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in activities and events. The Company nominates one Governor. The School celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2010.  
Pembroke College, Cambridge
Founded in 1347, the College has had an association with the Drapers’ Company for over 350 years having helped to pay for repairs to the grand Pembroke College Hall. Today the Company provides support, through The Drapers’ Charitable Fund, for a Drapers’ Research Fellowship in the physical or biological sciences or mathematics. 

For the past ten years the Company has also supported an outreach project at Pembroke House, a Christian Mission in the London Borough of Southwark run by Pembroke College, by providing a further grant through The Drapers’ Charitable Fund. The project organises workshops in three secondary schools where pupils meet people from the world of work and visit workplaces and universities.
Hertford College, Oxford
The Company has maintained an association with the College since Past Master The Reverend Henry Boyd was Principal of Hertford from 1877 to 1922. In recent years The Drapers’ Charitable Fund has funded Fellowships and made other grants in support of the College and currently supports a Drapers’ Junior Research Fellow who is elected to the Fellowship for three years.
St Anne’s College, Oxford 
The Drapers’ Company’s association with St Anne’s College began in 1978 when the Company made a grant in recognition of the College’s centenary. This grant established two Research Fellowships in either sciences or mathematics. From 2008, the annual grant has been directed towards outreach access programmes for pupils and teachers at state schools to encourage a wider range of students to apply to study at
Bangor University  
For over a hundred years the Company has been linked to the University, initially through substantial grants towards the construction of some of the University’s main buildings including the library, science laboratories and the electrical engineering department. Today, through The Thomas Howell’s Education Fund for North Wales, the Company supports undergraduate and postgraduate students in various departments and faculties, and contributes to a postgraduate hardship fund providing modest support for individuals’ living expenses.
The College of William and Mary in Virginia 
The Drapers Company (William and Mary) Tercentennial Award charity provides funding for an annual scholarship to a law graduate at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, to study at postgraduate level at the Law School of Queen Mary, University of London. The College of William and Mary offers a reciprocal scholarship for a Queen Mary student studying in the USA.  In addition, the Company, through The Thomas Howell’s Education Fund for North Wales, supports visits by Marine Biology undergraduate students from Bangor University to the College’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science in Chesapeake
City and Guilds of London Art School
Two full-fee bursaries, named The Drapers’ Company Grinling Gibbons Wood Carving Scholarships, are funded by The Drapers’ Charitable Fund. The awards are made in recognition of Grinling Gibbons, Draper, the renowned 17th century sculptor and wood-carver, well known for his work on St Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court
Kirkham Grammar School
The Company’s link with the School, which is near Preston, Lancashire originated in the Drapers’ trusteeship of a bequest made to the School in 1655 by Henry Colbron, a former pupil of the School. The School became voluntary aided in 1944 but reverted to independent status in 1979. Today, the School is a co-educational day and boarding school for approximately 900 pupils aged 3-18. The Company continues to be represented on the Governing Body. 

 In addition to three annual leaving prizes for Sixth Form students, The Drapers’ Charitable Fund provides a bursary for a Sixth Form scholar from a local state school and supports a student hardship fund to increase student participation in musical, sporting and cultural activities. 


The Thomas Adams School 
During his lifetime, Sir Thomas Adams, Master of the Company in 1640, founded the Free School of Wem in the Shropshire town of his birth. Despite this early connection, it was not until 1962 that the Company was first represented on the Governing Body.  Since then it has provided financial assistance to the School and its pupils. The current School was established in 1976 as a co-educational community school for students in and around Wem. It is renowned locally for providing an enriching education and also for its pivotal role in the heart of the community and has a Sixth Form College, boarding house and 1,200 students. There are two main sites on a 30-acre campus, which are approximately five minutes apart on foot.  The Lowe Hill buildings cater for the 11-16 age range and the Sixth Form is housed in attractive old grammar school buildings at Noble Street.  Adams House welcomes up to 60 boarders from all over the world, providing this rural market town with unique insights and cultural diversity. The Company, through The Drapers’ Charitable Fund, awards annual leaving prizes and provides for a student hardship fund to enable pupils whose families are experiencing financial hardship to participate in extracurricular activities. It nominates two Governors.

Sir George Monoux College 
Sir George Monoux, the Founder of the College, was six times Master of the Drapers’ Company in the 16th century. Sir George Monoux College is a Sixth Form College for pupils aged 16-19 and is situated in Walthamstow in the North East London Borough of Waltham Forest.  With a large catchment area from surrounding boroughs, the College provides excellent facilities for its 2,000 students to realise their academic, artistic or vocational potential. The Company, through The Drapers’ Charitable Fund, awards three leaving prizes and has provided financial assistance to the school over the years for various purposes including awards towards a student hardship fund. The Company nominates one Governor. 

Thomas Russell Infant and Junior Schools and John Taylor High School
A school was founded in Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire using money left by Thomas Russell, a Freeman of the Drapers’ Company, following his death in 1593. The Company continued to support the School, but in 1876 relinquished its direct control. The School stopped admitting children of all ages in 1957 when the John Taylor High School was built. In 2010, John Taylor High School achieved Academy status specialising in science and leadership. 


To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Thomas Russell’s death in 1993, the Company established links with all three schools. Through the Drapers’ Charitable Fund, it awards an annual prize to each of the Infant and Junior Schools. It also awards three leaving prizes to John Taylor High School. Over the years it has made grants in support of the School and its pupils and currently provides a student hardship fund to enable pupils whose families are experiencing financial hardship to participate in extracurricular activities.

St Paul's Way Trust School
A co-educational comprehensive school of 11 – 18 year olds, it became a Foundation Trust school in 2009 and is situated in Bow in the East End of London. It is a Faraday Science Specialist School, which also specialises in Visual and Performing Arts. Its Sixth Form opened in 2011. It has strong links to Queen Mary University of London, King’s College, London, Warwick University and University of East London. The school opened an Infants’ School in 2014 to become an all-through 4-18 school. 
The Company, through the Drapers’ Charitable Fund, awards annual leaving prizes and provides for a student hardship fund. The Company nominates one Governor.
St Paul’s Cathedral School
St. Paul’s Cathedral School is an independent co-educational preparatory school for pupils aged 8-14 and a residential choir school for boy choristers of St Paul’s Cathedral. The Company has been associated with the School since the 1960s and makes a grant each year towards a bursary for a Drapers’ Chorister.
Christ’s Hospital
A charitable boarding school near Horsham in West Sussex for children aged 11-18 from all backgrounds. By the Will of John Stock in 1780, the Company may present one child for entry to Christ’s Hospital every 7th year.

The London Conservatoires
The Company has a long tradition of supporting the musical education of young people. Today, support is provided for postgraduate and junior students at the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Trinity Labaln Conservatoire of Music & Dance. Grants awarded to the four conservatoires enable bursaries to be provided to young musicians who would otherwise find it challenging to continue  to pursue their musical education. In addition, through the Baroness de Turckheim Music Fund, the Company provides a bursary to an outstanding British voice student at each of the four conservatoires and the Royal Northern College of Music.

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