Governing Body
The Court of Assistants is the governing body of the Draper’s Company.
The Court comprises the Master, four Wardens and a varying number of Assistants.
The Master and four Wardens are elected from the Court and serve office for one year from August to July.  After the annual election in July, a traditional Election Dinner is held at which the new Master and Wardens are crowned.
A new member, called the Junior Warden is elected to the Court each year from the Livery. After serving on the Court for some years, the Junior Warden becomes eligible for election as Second Master Warden, Master Warden, and finally as Master of the Company.

Election of Master and Wardens - July 

On being elected by the Court of Assistants, the Master and Wardens aresworn into office in July and crowned in a traditional ceremony at the Election dinner that evening.