How the Company Works

The Court of Assistants is the governing body which sets overall strategy and takes major policy decisions. It is supported by the Court of Wardens and Standing Committees, whose terms of reference are determined by the Court of Assistants.
The Court of Wardens oversees the management of the Company's almshouse charities, conservation of the Hall and heritage assets, ceremonies of admission to the Freedom and Livery, employee matters and the Company’s social events.  
The Investments Committee oversees the management of the investments of the Company and the Charities.
Finance and General Purposes Committee oversees the financial arrangements of the Company, reviews compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and best practice. 
Charities Committee determines the grant-making policy and oversees the disbursement of funds to recipients.
The Election Committee advises on election to the Court of Assistants, Call to the Livery and admission to the Freedom.