The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room was designed, decorated and furnished by Herbert Williams and John G Crace between 1866 and 1870 and remains much as they left it.

Later additions to the room include the carpet, in the Aubusson style, which was commissioned in 1925 from the Morris & Co factory and a painting by Herbert Draper, The Gates of Dawn, which was painted in 1900 to celebrate the turn of the century.

The room remains much as Crace left it with the plasterwork, wall hangings, upholstered sofas and chairs and chimneypiece. Silk wall hangings have since been replaced by large looking glasses.

Statuary includes a sculpture bust of Her Majesty The Queen by Lorne McKean, a sculpture bust of HRH. The Prince of Wales, who is also a Freeman of the Company, which was sculpted in 1974 by Anita Lafford and Thorvaldsen’s The Shepherd Boy, purchased in 1893.