The Court Room
This room was renovated by Herbert Williams in the 1860s. Much of the frieze survives from the earlier 18th century decoration and the chandeliers were purchased for the room in 1797 from John Blades.
Situated on the north side of the courtyard, the position of the Court Room has not altered since the 17th century when the room was then known as The Parlour.

When Drapers' Hall was rebuilt by Edward Jarman and Thomas Cartwright after the Great Fire it was decorated with carved wainscot, plaster ceilings, marble chimneypieces and statues.
The Gobelin Tapestries
Two magnificent Gobelin silk woven tapestries hang in the room. They were made in the reign of King Louis XV of France and were purchased by the Company in 1881. They depict two episodes from the Legend of the Golden Fleece. Two others from the same set hang in the Court Dining Room.

Mary Queen of Scots
An early 17th century painting hangs over the chimney-piece. The tradition was that it depicted Mary Queen of Scots with her son James. Recent research has disproved this claim, though the subjects and the provenance of the painting remain a mystery. The painting is attributed to Marc Geerhaerts the younger.

Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson
At opposite ends of the room are the portraits of the Duke of Wellington by John Lucas (1852) and Lord Nelson by Sir William Beechey (1806).

Following the victory at the Battle of the Nile, the Drapers’ Company presented the Freedom of the Company to Admiral Lord Nelson. Proud that the nation’s hero was a member, the Drapers’ barge led the other Company barges at Nelson’s funeral procession in January 1806, which took the form of an armada of barges and boats proceeding up the Thames from Greenwich to Whitehall.

In 1805, the Company commissioned from Sir William Beechey a portrait of Lord Nelson.

Several other naval heroes too were made Freemen – Admiral Earl St Vincent, Admiral Lord Viscount Duncan, Rear-Admiral the Earl of Northesk, Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood, Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Strachan and Captain Hardy.