The Garden and Courtyard
The garden behind the Hall is a small proportion of the original garden, which is now the site of Throgmorton Avenue and an office block known as Drapers’ Gardens.  The development of the Avenue and the great garden commenced in 1874. 
The present garden walls, gates and railings were designed by Stephen Dykes Bower in the 1970s.
The long tradition of mulberry trees growing in the garden is maintained by the trees planted by Her Majesty The Queen in 1955 and The Prince of Wales in 1971.
The courtyard was last rebuilt in 1869 by Herbert Williams, with sculpture by Edward Wyon. The themes of Wyon’s carvings in the tympana of the arches are Commerce and the Continents (north side), Religion (east side) and Science (west side).

The windows and doors facing into the courtyard mark a period of modernization in the 1970s when an exhausted flower bed was replaced by the pond, and the statue of 'The boy with a thorn in his foot' (a copy of the bronze by Myron) was restored.