Coat of Arms
On receiving their grant of incorporation, the Drapers acquired their Coat of Arms in 1439. The blazon devised refers to the Virgin Mary, under whose protection the Brotherhood of Drapers was founded. The Garter King explained the derivation of the arms as follows:
'That is to say in honour of the very glorious Virgin and Mother Mary who is in the shadow of the sun and yet shines with all clearness and purity. I have devised in the blazon three sunbeams issuing from three flaming clouds crowned with three Imperial crowns of gold on a shield of azure'.
In 1561, the Arms were inspected, confirmed and amended with the additions of a helm and crest with a golden ram upon it, and two supporters in the shape of lions 'or and pelleted' replacing the earlier angel supporters.

Further amendments were made in 1613 when the crowns were slightly altered in shape and the motto 'Unto God only be honour and glory' was added.