The Drapers' Charitable Fund - How To Apply
The Drapers’ Charitable Fund awards grants to help improve the quality of life for people and their communities. We target the disadvantaged and socially excluded, through grants in the fields of education and young people, and social welfare. Grants are also awarded in support of textiles and heritage.

The following is a brief guide to Drapers’ Charitable Fund grants. If you are thinking about applying for a grant, we recommend that you first read our guidelines in full to find out if you might be eligible. 
What The Drapers’ Charitable Fund Does Not Support 
What The Drapers’ Charitable Fund Supports?
How Do I Apply?
When Can I Apply?
How Much Can I Ask For?
When Will I Hear If I Have Been Successful?

What the Drapers’ Charitable Fund Does Not Support?
We do not normally support the following organisations and activities:
  • Organisations that are not registered charities, unless exempt from registration
  • Organisations with an annual income of over £10 million
  • Branches of national charities or movements, or charities which are part of a federal structure
  • Schools, colleges or universities
  • Churches or other places of worship
  • Almshouses
  • Hospitals, medical centres or hospices
  • Individuals, or organisations applying on their behalf
  • Capital projects, appeals or major refurbishments 
  • Projects which  do not support all members of the targeted community
  • Children’s disabilities, physical disabilities, medical research or medical conditions including drug and alcohol addiction, HIV/Aids
  • Arts projects unless able to demonstrate impact on prisoners, older people or those with less visible disabilities
  • Environmental conservation
  • Projects where the main focus is tolerance and understanding between faiths and communities, the promotion of religious beliefs or the promotion of social cohesion
  • Projects supporting those experiencing domestic violence, trafficking or sexual exploitation
  • Holidays or trips
  • Animal welfare
  • Projects taking place or whose beneficiaries are situated outside the UK
  • Work that has already taken place
What the Drapers’ Charitable Fund Supports?
Typically, we support charities who are involved in the activities outlined below. Most of the support is focused in Greater London

Social Welfare, including:
  • Homelessness
  • Prisoners
  • Ex-service personnel
  • Support services for the elderly, young carers, and community and family services.
  • Disabled adults (not children), especially those with less visible disabilities such as sensory impairment, mental health problems and learning disabilities.
Education and training:
Projects which raise the aspirations or help to realise the full potential of disadvantaged young people under 25 years old in deprived areas of Greater London.
 Textiles and Heritage, including:
  • Textile conservation
  • Support projects within the textiles industry
  • Museums, memorials and monuments relating to the armed forces, history of London or the textile trade
How do I apply?
You will need to send us a detailed proposal document explaining what your organisation does, how you intend to spend the money, and your most recent financial accounts and trustees’ report, together with a completed application summary sheet. Only applications sent by post will be considered. You will find more information about the application process and information required in our Guidelines. 

When can I apply?
You can apply at any time of the year. Our Charities Committee meets five times a year and applications will normally be considered at the next meeting following submission, providing they are received at least four weeks before the date of the meeting. However, this is dependent upon the number of applications received and it cannot be guaranteed that an application will be considered at a particular meeting.

The next meeting dates are:
3 December 2019
25 February 2020
28 april 2020
25 June 2020

How much can I ask for?
Grants are conditional on applicants having written safeguarding policies and procedures in place relating to child protection, vulnerable adults and any other issues relating to the welfare of the charity's beneficiaries.

There is no minimum or maxiumum grant. Grants are normally awarded for sums between £5,000 and £15,000, but smaller and larger grants may be awarded.

When will I hear if I have been successful?
You will usually hear within three weeks after the committee has considered your request.
Please read our guidelines in full before applying for a grant. 

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