Company News

Drapers’ Hall opens for Open House, 17 September 2017

Once again Drapers’ Hall opened to the public on Sunday 17 September as part of the annual Open House Day.  25 Drapers acted as Stewards welcoming more than 2200 visitors to the Hall.  Throughout the day, visitors wandered through the principal rooms armed with the Hall’s information leaflet, guided by the Stewards.  For many, the Hall was an unexpected delight and a much-appreciated discovery; they had been unware of what lay behind the front doors.  Others had heard of the Company but had never had the opportunity to visit the Hall.  Some had been to the Hall on other occasions but wanted to come again. Among those who had been here before was a lady who held her wedding reception in the Hall a few years ago and now wanted to see the rooms again to enjoy the Hall at a more leisurely pace.  Our volunteer Stewards gamely fielded a multitude of questions such as “What does the Company/a Draper do? How does the wind indicator work? What is the weight of the chandeliers? Are the pillars in the Livery Hall real marble? Why is there no portrait of Queen Mary in the Livery Hall?

Open House celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, arranging to open around 800 buildings to the public and organising guided walks and tours.  The aim of the Open House scheme is to give free access to “London’s best buildings”, inspiring the public to learn about the benefits of great design and architecture and, by participating in the scheme, the Company supports this aim. While this was an opportunity to share the splendour of the Hall and works of art, it was also a way of informing the visiting public about the Company, its history and how it maintains its relevance today.



Election of Master Draper - 26 July 2017

Following election by the Court of Assistants, the Master and Wardens were sworn into office on 25 July 2017 and ceremonially crowned in one of the Company's oldest ceremonies at the Election dinner that evening.

The new Master Steven Beharrell was installed as Master Draper for the year ensuing.  He follows his brother, Richard Beharrell, who was Master Draper in 2000/01